Monday, April 13, 2009

Crossroads 2007

As I was driving in home from Easter at my grandmother's house yesterday, my iPod spit out something I haven't heard in awhile: I Don't Need No Doctor (live cover by John Mayer, Crossroads 2007). It was such a beautiful day and the atmosphere was perfect for the feeling I get from live recorded music. There is something truly special about hearing the recorded version of music you had the opportunity to see live. I was at Crossroads in 2007 and hearing this track brought the memories of the day back for me. Never have I been so sunburned or so elated over music. It was great to hear, for sure. The song reminded me I really should share it with others. Upon returning home, I promptly uploaded the track to DivShare and Twittered the link to my various followers. I thought I might share it here as well. Here it is (courtesy of Debbie Ocoboc of LA).

Also, I was reminded of the post I made at My Stupid Mouth (a John Mayer fanboard). I practically wrote a novel about the event. At first, I was going to post the entire thing, but I decided to spare you. Instead, I'll just share the portion about John Mayer's performance:

"He opened with WOTWTC, which was less than eventful. It was funny, though. The audience was very attentive, but there was hardly anyone singing along or jamming. It was almost like "Yea, I like him, but I don't wanna let anyone else know it!" was the pervading logic of the moment. He played a fabulous "Belief" followed by a "Vultures" with a new intro. During V, some a-hole in the pit yelled, "Play the Blues, John!". "I heard someone tell me to play the blues," came the response. "In my mind, I kinda thought I was, but I think I know what you mean. This next one's a Ray Charles' song I did on a John Scofield album. It's called 'I Don't Need No Doctor'". Proceeds to kick major butt. The boy let it rip. The whole stadium couldn't help but stand and applaud, hoot n' holler for his fantastic solo! That, ladies and gentlemen, is the best I have ever seen John Mayer play live. EVER! It was a great moment to be a John Mayer fan. Hope that stupid D-Bag got the "Screw you, very much!" loud and clear! As if it couldn't get any better, JM finished his set with a stellar "Gravity" that got him almost the same reaction that Derek Trucks had received earlier in the day. Many a Mayer fan left that stadium Saturday evening than had initially entered, I can tell you that much."

Man, what a great day that was for me! I hope by downloading and listening to the track I'm sharing in this post, you can feel a little bit of the excitement I felt yesterday afternoon driving along in the car. Also, I'd highly encourage you to scour the internet for the taped concerts you've been to in the past. There is truly nothing like it! A few months ago, I heard a track from a Wilco concert I went to last summer. It was the same feeling--just really fun to hear it again and re-live the experience. You don't knwo the feeling until you try it. I promise you'll find what you're looking for if you just put some elbow grease into it!

Thank God for concerts, tapers and the internet!

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