Friday, February 27, 2009

Twitter and why you should too.

So many of my friends ask me, almost daily, "what's up with this Twitter thing?" I've been working on a sentence-long description, but Twitter can do so many things, it's hard to summarize in such a small amount of words. Most of the time, they move on thinking, "eh, not for me", "just another website to clutter my inbox" or "this thing isn't any more useful than Facebook". I really love Twitter and have gotten some interesting information that I would regularly just more or less bypass as a result of using it. When I see the benefits of Twitter almost daily and can't seem to convince others of the usefulness therein, my friends' reactions naturally make me feel like I'm a terrible advocate. Today, however, I found a video of Twitter founder Evan Williams explaining Twitter at TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design conference). I'll make due with this while I come up with the one-sentence explanation:

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